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Patasola is a legendary creature that is part of South American folklore and is known for its haunting and terrifying stories. This creature is believed to be a female monster that roams the forests and mountains of South America, appearing to male hunters and loggers in the middle of the wilderness when they think about women. According to legend, the Patasola appears in the form of a beautiful and seductive woman, often in the likeness of a loved one, who lures a man away from his companions deep into the jungle.

The Patasola is more than just a mythical creature; it is a symbol, embodying the fears and warnings about the perils hidden within the uncharted jungles. Traditionally, the Patasola has been portrayed as a guardian of the forest and its creatures. It is believed to punish those who venture into the jungle with ill intentions, such as hunters, loggers, and other outsiders who do not respect the natural world.

The Patasola is a fascinating and mysterious figure that has captured the imaginations of people for generations. While some view it as a protector of the natural world, others see it as a vengeful spirit that seeks to punish those who disturb its domain. Regardless of its true nature, the Patasola remains a powerful symbol of the dangers and wonders of the South American wilderness.

Origins of the Patasola Myth

Cultural Roots

The Patasola is a mythical creature that originates from the indigenous mythology of the Andean people. The legend reflects the beliefs and values of the indigenous communities in the region. The Patasola is a one-legged female monster that lives in the woods and preys on men. The legend of the Patasola is deeply rooted in the culture of South America and has been passed down through generations.

Evolution of the Legend

The origin story of the Patasola varies, but usually follows the pattern of a scorned, unfaithful, or otherwise “bad” woman. Some believe that she was a mother who killed her own son and was then banished to the woods as punishment. Over time, the legend has evolved and taken on different interpretations. In some versions, the Patasola is a vengeful protector of the Andes, while in others, she is a hideous one-legged vampire driven by hatred.

The Patasola is a recognizable legend in South America, with details of her story varying from region to region. Despite the variations, the Patasola remains an important part of South American folklore and continues to be passed down through generations.

Characteristics of the Patasola

Physical Description

The Patasola is a female creature from South American folklore. She is often described as having one leg, bulging eyes, catlike fangs, a hooked nose, and big lips. In her natural state, she has a terrifying appearance. However, she can also metamorphose into different shapes and appearances, often taking on the appearance of a beautiful woman to lure men to their death.

Powers and Abilities

The Patasola is known for her shapeshifting abilities. She is capable of transforming her appearance, making her difficult to recognize and capture. She is also a skilled hunter and can move quickly and silently through the forest.

The Patasola is said to have supernatural strength, which allows her to overpower her victims easily. She can also control the weather and is particularly fond of storms and darkness.

In addition to her physical abilities, the Patasola is known for her powerful voice. She can sing with a celestial timbre that captivates men, old and young alike. Sometimes, she screams for help so they come to save her. That’s when she traps them.

Overall, the Patasola is a fearsome creature with a range of powers and abilities that make her a formidable opponent. Her shapeshifting abilities and supernatural strength make her difficult to defeat, and her captivating voice makes her an expert at luring her victims to their doom.

Patasola in Folklore

Tales and Stories

Patasola is a legendary creature from South American folklore. She is often described as a one-legged monster with long, sharp teeth and hair that covers her entire body. According to the tales, Patasola preys on men who venture into the jungle, appearing to them in the middle of the wilderness when they think about women.

The stories of Patasola are often told as cautionary tales, warning men to be careful when they venture into the jungle. They are also used to teach children about the dangers of the wilderness and the importance of respecting nature.

Symbolism and Morality

Patasola is often seen as a symbol of the dangers of the jungle and the importance of respecting nature. She is also seen as a symbol of the consequences of lust and desire. In many of the stories, men are lured to their deaths by their desire for women, and Patasola is seen as the embodiment of this danger.

The tales of Patasola also have a strong moral message. They teach that actions have consequences, and that those who do not respect nature will suffer the consequences. They also teach the importance of humility, and the dangers of arrogance and pride.

In conclusion, Patasola is a fascinating creature from South American folklore. Her tales are often used to teach children about the dangers of the wilderness and the importance of respecting nature. They are also used to teach important moral lessons about the consequences of our actions.

Patasola in Popular Culture


Patasola, the one-legged female monster, has been a popular character in South American folklore for centuries. Her story has been passed down through generations, and many authors have incorporated her into their works. One such example is the Colombian writer, Jose Eustasio Rivera, who wrote about Patasola in his novel “La Vorágine.” In the novel, Patasola is depicted as a terrifying and vengeful creature who haunts the jungles of the Amazon.

Media Representation

Patasola has also made appearances in various forms of media, including movies, TV shows, and video games. In the 2014 horror film “The Green Inferno,” Patasola is portrayed as a cannibalistic tribe leader. In the video game “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy,” Patasola is one of the enemies that the players have to face. In the TV show “Grimm,” Patasola is depicted as a Wesen, a supernatural creature that can transform into a human form.

Despite her terrifying nature, Patasola has become a beloved character in popular culture. She has inspired many artists and writers, and her story continues to be retold in various forms.

Encounters with the Patasola

Encounters with the Patasola are rare, but they have been reported by locals and travelers alike. The Patasola is known to appear to male hunters or loggers in the middle of the wilderness when they think about women.

Reported Sightings

One reported sighting of the Patasola occurred in the 1990s in the Amazon rainforest. A group of loggers claimed to have seen a one-legged woman with long hair and a seductive appearance. They followed her deep into the jungle, but as they approached her, she revealed her true form – a hideous, one-legged vampire-like creature with a lust for human flesh and blood. The loggers narrowly escaped with their lives.

Another reported sighting occurred in the early 2000s. A group of hikers in the Andes Mountains claimed to have heard a woman’s cry for help. When they went to investigate, they found a pale, beautiful woman standing alone in the wilderness. As they approached her, she suddenly transformed into a Patasola and attacked them. They managed to fend her off and escape, but not before suffering serious injuries.

Patasola in Modern Times

In modern times, the Patasola is often portrayed in popular culture as a protector of the wilderness, punishing those who seek to harm the forest or its creatures. However, encounters with the Patasola are still feared by many in South America, and caution is advised when traveling in remote areas. It is believed that the Patasola is driven by hatred and revenge, and will stop at nothing to satisfy her bloodlust.

Comparative Mythology

Similar Creatures in Other Cultures

The Patasola is not the only one-legged female monster in folklore. In Greek mythology, there is the Gello, a female demon with one leg who preys on children. The Japanese have the Kuchisake-Onna, a woman with a slit mouth who attacks children, and the Scottish have the Nuckelavee, a one-legged creature that terrorizes the countryside. These creatures share similarities with the Patasola, not just in their physical appearance but also in their behavior and the way they prey on their victims.

Influence on Global Folklore

The Patasola has had a significant influence on global folklore. The creature’s one-legged appearance has been seen in other legends and myths around the world. The Patasola’s influence can be seen in the character of Peg Powler, a one-legged water hag from English folklore who drags children into the water. The creature has also influenced the character of the Rusalka, a one-legged water spirit from Slavic folklore who lures men to their deaths. The Patasola’s influence on global folklore is a testament to the enduring power of this terrifying creature.