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Welsh Mythology Creatures

Welsh mythology is filled with fascinating creatures that have captured the imagination of people for centuries. From the spectral hounds of Annwn to the lake monster Afanc, these mythical creatures have become an integral part of Welsh folklore and culture. These creatures have been passed down through generations, and their stories continue to be told to this day.

One of the most well-known creatures from Welsh mythology is the Cŵn Annwn, or the hounds of Annwn. These spectral hounds were believed to be the guardians of the otherworld in Welsh myth. They were said to roam the countryside, howling at night and chasing after lost souls. The Cŵn Annwn have been featured in many Welsh stories and legends, and their haunting presence continues to fascinate people today.

Another prominent creature from Welsh mythology is the Afanc, a lake monster that is said to inhabit the lakes and rivers of Wales. The Afanc is described as a creature that resembles a crocodile, beaver, or dwarf-like creature, and is sometimes said to be a demon. Its exact description varies, but its presence in Welsh mythology is undeniable. The Afanc has been featured in many Welsh stories and legends, and its mysterious nature continues to capture the imagination of people to this day.

Legendary Creatures of Wales

Wales is known for its rich and diverse mythology, which is filled with fascinating creatures that have captured the imagination of people for centuries. Here are some of the most well-known legendary creatures of Wales.


Dragons are perhaps the most famous creatures of Welsh mythology. The red dragon is the national symbol of Wales and is said to have been defeated by the white dragon, which is associated with the invading Saxons. The Welsh name for dragon is “draig,” and it is believed that dragons were associated with the power of the earth and the sky.


The Afanc is a creature from Welsh mythology that is often described as a water monster. It is said to live in lakes and rivers and is known for its enormous size and strength. The Afanc is said to be so powerful that it can cause floods and destroy entire villages.

Cwn Annwn

Cwn Annwn is a pack of supernatural hounds that are said to roam the Welsh countryside. They are also known as the “Hounds of Annwn” and are said to be led by the king of the underworld, Arawn. The Cwn Annwn are often associated with death and are said to howl when someone is about to die.

Overall, Welsh mythology is filled with fascinating creatures that have captured the imagination of people for centuries. From dragons to water monsters and supernatural hounds, the creatures of Welsh mythology continue to intrigue and inspire people around the world.

Mythical Beings and Deities


Arawn is a Welsh god of the underworld, who was said to be the ruler of Annwn, the Welsh Otherworld. He was often depicted as a hunter, accompanied by a pack of hounds. In Welsh mythology, Arawn is associated with the Wild Hunt, a ghostly procession of hunters that roamed the skies during the winter months.

Bran the Blessed

Bran the Blessed is a giant figure in Welsh mythology, who was said to be the king of Britain. He is often associated with the god Bran the Blessed, who was the god of the sea and the protector of sailors. According to legend, Bran was killed in battle and his head was buried in London, where it was said to protect the city from invasion.


Blodeuwedd is a Welsh goddess who was created from flowers by the magician Gwydion. She was married to Lleu Llaw Gyffes, but later fell in love with another man and conspired to kill her husband. In Welsh mythology, Blodeuwedd is often associated with the owl, which was said to be her sacred animal.

In Welsh mythology, these beings and deities were revered and feared by the people. They were believed to have the power to control the natural world and influence the lives of mortals. Today, their stories continue to inspire and captivate those who are interested in Welsh folklore and mythology.

The Mabinogion and Its Creatures

The Mabinogion is a collection of Welsh medieval tales that are deeply rooted in the rich cultural and literary traditions of Wales. These tales are full of magical creatures and mythical beasts that transport readers to a world of chivalry, magic, and adventure.

Pwyll’s Mount

One of the most fascinating creatures in the Mabinogion is Pwyll’s mount. This magical horse has the ability to outrun any other creature and can even fly. It is said that Pwyll, a Prince of Dyfed, was able to defeat his rival, Gwyn ap Nudd, in battle thanks to his mount’s incredible speed and agility.

Rhiannon’s Birds

Another interesting creature in the Mabinogion is Rhiannon’s birds. These magical birds have the ability to wake the dead and put the living to sleep. According to legend, Rhiannon, a Welsh goddess, used her birds to help her son, Pryderi, recover from a spell that had put him into a deep sleep.

Gwydion’s Illusions

Gwydion, a powerful magician in Welsh mythology, is known for his ability to create illusions. He is said to have created a magical army out of flowers and trees, and to have used his powers to trick his enemies into thinking they were fighting real soldiers. Gwydion’s illusions are a testament to the power of magic in Welsh mythology.

In conclusion, the Mabinogion is a rich source of Welsh mythology that is full of fascinating creatures and mythical beasts. From Pwyll’s mount to Rhiannon’s birds and Gwydion’s illusions, the Mabinogion is a treasure trove of magical stories that continue to captivate readers to this day.

Otherworldly Entities

Gwragedd Annwn

Gwragedd Annwn are Welsh water fairies that are often depicted as beautiful women. They are said to inhabit lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. According to Welsh mythology, they would sometimes lure humans into the water with their enchanting singing and dancing, only to drown them. However, they are also known to be helpful to those who show them respect and kindness. It is said that they can bestow blessings on those who please them.


The Cyhyraeth is a Welsh spirit that is often associated with death and misfortune. It is said to be a disembodied voice that can be heard at night, wailing and moaning. According to Welsh folklore, the Cyhyraeth is the voice of a person who died a violent or untimely death. It is believed that hearing the Cyhyraeth’s cry is a bad omen, and that it can bring death to those who hear it.


Bwbach is a Welsh household spirit that is said to be mischievous but generally harmless. It is often depicted as a small, gnome-like creature that likes to play pranks on humans. According to Welsh folklore, Bwbach would help with household chores in exchange for a bowl of cream. However, if it felt neglected or mistreated, it would become mischievous and cause trouble. It is believed that hanging a horseshoe above the door can keep Bwbach away.

Overall, Welsh mythology is rich with fascinating creatures and entities that are both enchanting and terrifying. The Gwragedd Annwn, Cyhyraeth, and Bwbach are just a few examples of the many otherworldly beings that populate the Welsh folklore.

Folkloric Figures


Mermaids are mythical creatures that are half-human and half-fish. In Welsh mythology, they are known as “Morgens” or “Morverch,” which means “sea-maiden.” They are often depicted as beautiful women with long hair and fish tails. According to legend, they would lure sailors to their deaths with their enchanting songs. Mermaids were also believed to have healing powers and could grant wishes.

Tylwyth Teg

Tylwyth Teg, which means “fair folk” in Welsh, are a type of fairy in Welsh mythology. They are known for their mischievous behavior and love of music and dance. They were said to live in the hills and mountains of Wales and would often play pranks on humans. However, they could also be helpful and would sometimes offer gifts to those who treated them kindly.


Gwyllgi, also known as the “Welsh Black Dog,” is a legendary creature in Welsh folklore. It is a large, black dog with glowing red eyes and a howling bark. According to legend, it is a harbinger of death and would appear to those who were about to die. However, some believed that it could also be a protector and would guard travelers on their journeys.

Overall, Welsh mythology is filled with fascinating creatures and characters that have captured the imagination of people for centuries. From mermaids to fairies to black dogs, these mythical beings continue to inspire stories and legends today.